October 10, 2012

Cappy's Pizzeria - St. Pete

Last week, when trying to decide where to meet for dinner with a friend (hey, AJ!), Cappy's came up as a suggestion. After hearing many rave reviews of Cappy's, I jumped at the opportunity to try it.

Cappy's Pizzeria was founded in 1995, and currently has 4 locations: St. Pete, Brandon/Riverview, South Tampa, and Seminole Heights. We met at the St. Pete location at 2900 1st Avenue North. Upon entering, the aroma of fresh baked pizza greets you like a warm hug. The location does too - it has a homey feel, not that of a busy restaurant. (Note - we were there on a weekend...YMMV on weekends!)

Seat yourself or sign in

I knew I liked the place when I saw that every table was outfitted with Trivial Pursuit cards. Have some fun while waiting for your pizza to be baked! Then I saw the menus... old record covers. Pretty cool, right? This place really has a vibe of being at a friends home.

The menu

Have some fun while waiting for your pizza

We started with a small greek salad to share ($4.95). This salad was enough for 3 people! It was served family style. The dressing had a sweet greek taste. The salad was outfitted with fresh black olives, peperoncinis, cucumber, diced green pepper, and topped with a generous sprinkling of feta. While Cappy's is a pizza place, the greek salad was better than I've had at local greek restaurants.

Greek salad
We ordered a medium Chicago style pizza that has 6 slices. Our deep dish pizza was topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives. Then, it was covered with chunky tomato sauce. Where else can you get fresh Chicago style pizza like this in St. Pete? I took the leftovers home and it reheated very well!
So good I forgot to take the picture

I did not see a dessert menu, so I am not sure if desserts are offered at Cappy's. We did not have any room for dessert, but a homemade tiramisu, cannoli, or bowl of gelato would have been the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

I am happy I've now been to Cappy's, and can rave to others about it. Next time you want a casual meal in a laid back environment, you know where to go!

PS: Cappy's WON Best Pizza in Creative Loafing's 2012 Best of the Bay awards!

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  1. one of my husbands favorite pizza joints - popping by for flash back friday

  2. This sounds delicious. I've heard of Cappy's before and know some friends who have been but I've never gone. I'd probably have to really be in the pizza mood for some traditional deep dish, but seems like even jus the Greek salad is worth a try. And what a good idea to have games at the table- every restaurant should do that