February 19, 2011

Taco Bus at St. Pete

I finally made it down to the Taco Bus today! Located on Central Avenue, you will know you’ve arrived when you see the big line of people in front of the big yellow bus. Yes, it truly is a bus where your food is prepared. A waitress comes around to each person in line to take your order. She hands you a copy of the written order and you give it to the cashier once you finally make it to the front of the line. Your food is then made to order. Servers bring your food to you. Both inside and outside seating are available, as well as take out.

I ordered the Meal Deal: 2 tacos with rice and beans for $8.00. ($7.50 for lunch, $8.00 dinner or all day Saturday and Sunday.) I asked for one pollo and one fish, but unfortunately they were out of fish. We also ordered a carne asada burrito ($5.99). Both come with tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, and shredded cabbage. The burrito comes with cheese, but it costs $0.30 to add cheese to a taco.

Meal Deal with 2 tacos, rice, and beans $8.00

The tacos were great, but next time I will get flour tortillas instead of soft corn. The burrito was filled to maximum capacity with equal parts meat and veggies. The refried beans were the best I’ve ever had. Smooth and flavorful with cheese on top. I ordered a side of crema (sour cream) for $0.30. It was served in a Daisy packet which was a little disappointing. The only thing that would make the food better would be if the sour cream was added directly to the burrito before it was rolled, so it could mix with the other flavors.

My only other complaint was that the drinks (Pepsi products) are served in 20 ounce bottles instead of fountain drinks. Nothing is better with Mexican food than a delicious fountain soda! Except maybe a margarita, which were available for $4.00 from the small bar on the side. Dos Equis was available on draft, and a few other beers in bottles.

View from our seats

I look forward to going back to Taco Bus. Next time, I want to try the Fish Taco from Guaymas (fish fried in beer batter with white cream sauce and Chile de Arbol sauce on the side) and the guacamole.
The Taco Bus is quickly becoming a St. Petersburg legend. It’s worth all of the hype, and the long wait in line. Just grab a beer from the side bar before you wait in line and enjoy the great music playing from the bus. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting down and enjoying some delicious Mexican cuisine!

The full menu is available on Taco Bus' website: www.tampatacobus.com

2324 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
11am-9pm daily

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