October 03, 2010

Toby's Original Little Italy Pizza

I once worked with a lady who would drive 25 minutes (each way) on her lunch break to pick up a Cheesesteak from Toby’s Little Italy. Seeing her dedication to Toby’s made me curious. Was it really worth the 25 minute drive at lunchtime? Once I saw that Toby’s had been open for more than 37 years, I knew it had to be good!

My favorite thing at Toby’s is their garlic knots. The knots are drenched in a buttery basil sauce and served with marinara sauce. Those garlic knots ($3.58 for 6) are worth every penny. They are also very addicting. The pizza is good as well. A “small” 16-inch pizza starts at $10.99 (plain). Cheese slices are served for $2.04. I enjoy 2 slices of cheese pizza, an order of garlic knots, and a Coke. A heavenly combination of Italian goodness!

Little Italy also has a variety of salads, cold submarine sandwiches and Italian classics. The Stromboli and meatballs are also great. Overall, the menu might be small compared to some places – but is high in quality!

Oh, and that cheesesteak? It’s good, but not worth the 25 minute drive. The garlic knots, however, are worth every minute!

Toby’s Original Little Italy Pizza
3523 49th Street N
St Petersburg, FL 33710

Congratulations to Toby's who recently celebrated their 38th anniversary!

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