April 10, 2010

Tsunami Japanese Steakhouse

Tsunami Japanese Steakhouse opened in 2009 to compete against Tampa Bay’s growing and ever successful sushi and hibachi market. I was a little hesitant about trying Tsunami after Arigato’s left a bad taste in my mouth (over-priced, dirty, bad service, etc).  Tsunami is everything Arigatos is not. Their d├ęcor is clean and modern. The service is good (although not great). The food is a little pricey but fresh, and well worth it. Tsunami offers a full sushi bar ($4.75-$9.95 and $9.75-$10.75 for specialties). The chefs of the teppanyaki are much more skilled than the chefs at competing Japanese steakhouses. Not just anyone can throw an egg into the air and crack it straight down the middle with a spatula! Teppanyaki dinners range from $15 to $34, with an option for Kobe beef at $99 and Kobe, lobster, and shrimp for $120. Portions of the teppanyaki are large and will provide for leftovers the next day. They also throw in 2 shrimp as an appetizer for everyone at the table before the rest of the food begins cooking. Both rice and noodles accompany your meal, along with fresh veggies. Chefs do not speed through the cooking process, so you do not feel rushed.
If you visit Tsunami, be sure to save room for dessert. Their tempura fried ice cream is delicious! “Vanilla ice cream wrapped in pound cake and a tempura butter served with chocolate, blackberry, and raspberry sauces.” Yum!
They also have a full Japanese menu available if you’re not interested in teppanyaki – separate dining area available.
The best part? They have coupons! Watch your mail for special coupons, including $10 off $50 or more, and early bird prices. 
2176 Tyrone Blvd
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

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  1. I knew it! I knew you reviewed this one! I got to experience Tsunami last night and I absolutely agree with you--SO much better than Arigatos. I had the scallops, my date had the New York Strip & Shrimp, we had edamame for our appetizer and he got a small birthday cake for his dessert...since we were celebrating his birthday. Sooooo good. I felt a little rushed towards the end. I had a full plate and the waitress was already bringing us our boxes. Next time I'm just getting sushi so I have plenty of room for the tempura fried ice cream :D