November 27, 2009

Colonial Corner - a Pinellas Park classic

Colonial Corner in Pinellas Park has been around for longer than I've been alive. A hole in the wall, it's the kind of place you only know of because of word of mouth. Driving by, you would never look twice and you definitely wouldn't expect "the best cheese steaks outside of Philly!" It's the epitome of plain and simple: Cash only, friendly staff, and decor that hasn't changed in 3 decades. Prices are reasonable and the food is unforgettable. In my 2 decades of visiting Colonial Corner, I have only ever tried 1 thing: The Cheese steak! It's really not even fair that they feature other items on the menu. (I guess in the spirit of political correctness, they have to offer some sort of vegetarian option...) At $6.30 the cheese steak is cooked fresh right in front of you. It's jammed pack with meat and features melted cheese throughout. No fillers here! The one downside is that the mushrooms are canned and not fresh. Proceed with caution as the cheese steak is hot, hot, hot!
As the owners hail from Philly, it's guaranteed to be an authentic cheese steak. 31 years in business doesn't lie! Colonial Corner is also located near the Philly's training field. In 2005, Philadelphia Magazine rated them as the Best Cheese steak Outside Philly. Please be aware that once you try Colonial Corner, you won't be able to fathom eating a cheese steak from anywhere else.

Colonial Corner is closed Sundays, but opens at 11am Monday-Saturday. They accept cash only, but have an ATM inside in case you forget. Give them a try and enjoy!

7201 49th Street North
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

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